Museums and Heritage

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The Oceanographic Museum:  Visit this museum to learn more about what to see, the collections range from the old maps and exhibits related to sailing to aquariums.

The Fort of Spain:  On a hill northeast of the kasbah are the remains of the massive Fort d’Espagne ” Fort of Spain ” flanked by an old cemetery. Ottoman pirate Eudj Ali built the fort between 1570 and 1573, during Bizerte’s pirate lair days.

The Fort of Sidi el Hani:  On the south side of the vieux port, directly opposite the kasbah, is the smaller, golden-stoned fort of Sidi el Hani. Like the kasbah, it is an Ottoman construction and dates from the 17th century. It has been restored to an excellent level and houses a small but interesting oceanographic museum (Musée Océanographique). If you climb the stairs to the fort terrace there are excellent sightseeing views across town, with the vieux port and the kasbah in the foreground.

The Rebaa Mosque:  Sitting between the medina’s souks and the old harbor is the 17th-century Rebaa Mosque. This distinctive Bizerte landmark has an octagonal minaret that has obvious Ottoman design influence on its gallery facade. If you’re seeking out some local color, don’t miss a morning trip to the fish market adjoining the mosque. This vibrant bartering hub is the perfect opportunity for keen photographers to capture some shots of daily life.